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What Can You Expect at Your Consultation with Dr. Gupta?

  • Comprehensive diagnostics

    What’s the right test for you? Do you need a different type of test than the one you’ve done before? Can you incorporate past test results with current ones to heal from the inside out?

  • Comprehensive Immune Evaluation

    Are you old on the inside? Why do you constantly feel fatigued, even after a good nights sleep? Are you experiencing constant sinus problems? Do you have difficult to control asthma or recurring bronchitis symptoms?

  • Education

    How are all the dots of sleep, sex, sneezing, sinuses, and super dry skin connected? How/when did I become like this? How do make it stop? Will I ever feel awesome again?

Getting to the Why

  • Ample Time

    You will not feel rushed. Dr. Gupta’s appointments are one hour long, to ensure you both have the time to get the information you need.

  •  Answering the Why

    Dr. Gupta looks at optimum health as a puzzle, and all the pieces need to work together. She will answer the “why” (Why am I feeling this way?) and use the most advanced therapies to address your body’s inflammation at the molecular level.

  • Find It and Feel Better

    When you partner with Dr. Gupta for your health, you can feel reassured knowing that she will take the time and use the best technological advancements available to uncover your underlying health conditions and treat them.

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