Value Added Services / What Makes Us Magical

This is allergic/immunologic care like no other.

We offer the following benefits to our patients once a part of our patient family:

  • Text/phone access to the physician and team after hours
  • Mobile visit options (party at your place!)
    Medication education and demonstration of use
  • Our upcoming membership options will include access to our allergy video library.
  • Healthy habit implementation to help you improve your overall quality of life on the daily

We happily treat both children and adults!

Have a look at our most popular visit option, “Allergy Plus,” which gives patients the option of same day personalized allergy testing to 150+ indoor, outdoor, and food allergens, with result rendering in as little as 15 minutes. This also includes full physician assessment, result review, and plan of action.

How does allergy testing work, you may ask? It’s simple! We apply the allergens to your back via a stamp-like device. This is a quick, and virtually painless procedure, just a bit cold and itchy! Skin testing for allergies is preferred over laboratory blood testing because skin testing has a higher negative predictive value as compared to blood (in other words, it’s way more accurate)! We can use blood work in certain instances, such as confirming skin testing results (especially in severely food allergic patients) or in the event that patients cannot avoid taking antihistamines such as Benadryl, Claritin, or Allegra (these medications interfere with testing results).

If your allergies are atypical, or if you’re curious about additives, dyes, or preservatives in your personal care products or favorite foods, you’ve come to the right place! This is our “thing”. There are currently no standards or definitions that define the term “hypoallergenic.” Manufacturers are not required to provide proof of hypoallergenicity to the FDA (don’t believe us? Check the FDA website)! Hypoallergenic/Clean does not guarantee there are not things you’re allergic to in the product. Not fair, we know!

Itchy skin? Want to know why? Skin diagnostics aren’t just for the Dermatologists, although we love our Derm buddies…we aim to help you identify short-term and long-term solutions, and find out what’s making you so itchy, with diagnostics for food, pollen, dander, chemicals, and clues within bloodwork.

But is it REALLY asthma?

We offer in-office diagnostics and treatment for asthma. Lung volume for analysis of lung inflammation, along with key laboratory findings help us to reach our goal of optimizing your quality of life with little to no medication.  This is done with in office lung inflammation diagnostics and identification of specific inflammatory molecules in blood.

Sounds great, right? We also offer our patients the latest, most up-to-date steroid-sparing therapies to help mediate asthma symptoms.

Do you frequently deal with infections or recurrent antibiotic use? Let us help!

When the immune system doesn’t work well, it doesn’t work well in multiple ways. Let us help you identify your immune woes, and offer solutions with a whole-person approach.  If you are currently on a biologic, immune-Identical or plasma infusion and have questions about your immune system, we can help.

If you feel as though you are a candidate for the above, give us a call. We invite you in to start the journey.

We help our patients work with their other doctors and create a communicative care team so you get the best, most streamlined care possible.

We have membership options available for our Immunology patients to help save time and money.

Feeling sluggish or moody? That’s no fun.

The endocrine system (hormones) and the immune system are very tightly linked. Sex hormone levels, such as Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone change as we grow up. Those changes can manifest in a variety of ways, like autoimmune disorders, or even new onset of allergies.

Other hormone levels, such as thyroid and Vitamin D, are parts of this dynamic and these are just a sneak peek of everything we consider when formulating your care plan.

Want to pinpoint if irregular hormone levels are contributing to immune dysregulation? This is a major dot to connect within your journey to optimal health. Our visits are very interactive and involve teamwork. Let’s figure YOU out together!

Don’t get us wrong – we are not claiming to be Endocrinologists. We can help link you to a wonderful recommendation to participate in your care if needed.

Need a Menopause Mentor or Hormone Help?

Growing up is hard. Sometimes you just need someone to explain things.
Come in an clear up the confusion of hormones with Dr Mama Gupta – board certified OBGYN and NAMS member.
There are some things that your mom never told you. My mom can help fill in the gaps.
Learn about how your hormones work and if certain therapies are right for you.

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What Can You Expect at Your Consultation with Dr. Gupta?

  • Comprehensive diagnostics

    What’s the right test for you? Do you need a different type of test than the one you’ve done before? Can you incorporate past test results with current ones to heal from the inside out?

  • Comprehensive Immune Evaluation

    Are you old on the inside? Why do you constantly feel fatigued, even after a good nights sleep? Are you experiencing constant sinus problems? Do you have difficult to control asthma or recurring bronchitis symptoms?

  • Education

    How are all the dots of sleep, sex, sneezing, sinuses, and super dry skin connected? How/when did I become like this? How do make it stop? Will I ever feel awesome again?

Getting to the Why

  • Ample Time

    You will not feel rushed. Dr. Gupta’s appointments are one hour long, to ensure you both have the time to get the information you need.

  •  Answering the Why

    Dr. Gupta looks at optimum health as a puzzle, and all the pieces need to work together. She will answer the “why” (Why am I feeling this way?) and use the most advanced therapies to address your body’s inflammation at the molecular level.

  • Find It and Feel Better

    When you partner with Dr. Gupta for your health, you can feel reassured knowing that she will take the time and use the best technological advancements available to uncover your underlying health conditions and treat them.